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There are broadband internet connections on Sal, Santiago, San Vicente and Boa Vista, not yet on Maio. There are also ISDN lines in Praia. There is wireless broadband now available in Sal which is generally a very good service.

CV Telecom mobile cards cost about 25 euros including calls. They need to be topped up every 4 months or they stop working. Credit lasts 2 months. If you use Telestunt or a similar service from the UK you can call Cape Verde on a land line or mobile for approximately 13p a minute. It is very expensive to make international calls out of Cape Verde. Skype is being used more as the broadband networks improve.

Most UK mobiles now work in Cape Verde, but are expensive to accept and make calls. Blackberry does not work for email reception. The reception across the islands for CV Telecom is pretty good in most places.

You can buy CV Telecom phone cards for approx 5 to use in the public phones.