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Introduction to Cape Verde

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Cape Verde Island Information

The archipelago of Cape Verde is  a closely knit group of 10 islands and 8 islets in the Atlantic Ocean, some 400 miles west of Senegal. The islands all have their own characters, some volcanic and mountainous, others flat and sandy. The northern group includes Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Lucia and San Nicolao. To the west are the sandy islands of Sal and Boa Vista, and to the south is  Brava with its abundance of flora, the volcanic Fogo, beautiful white sandy beaches of Maio and finally the largest island of Santiago with its white sandy coves and mountainous interior. The capital Praia can be found on the south coast of Santiago. Cape Verde was first discovered in 1460 by Antonio Da Noli, a Genoan merchant, working as a Portuguese explorer. It is situated between 4 continents, Africa, Europe, North America and South America, only 3 hours from Brazil and 4 hours from mainland Europe.

Apartment for sale in 0, Sal, Cape Verde
Apartment in Sal, Cape Verde
Price: € 80,000

Apartment for sale in 0, Sal, Cape Verde
Apartment in Sal, Cape Verde
Price: € 80,000