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Date: 16/07/2010

The European Union plans to fund several water supply and sanitation projects in Cape Verde to the value of 20 MILLION EUROS, the European Commission delegate in Cape Verde said Wednesday in Praia.

Josep Coll said that the projects underway, or in the pipeline, some of them under the terms of the European Development Fund (EDF), would improve the quality of life in the islands of Santiago and Sao Vicente.

Next Monday, the Cape Verdean government will inaugurate the third phase of the local sanitation plan in Mindelo (Sao Vicente) funded by the European Union, to the value of 1 billion Cape Verdean escudos (9 million euros).

The funding is part of the EUís cooperation programmes, which will also benefit the capital, Praia and the municipality of Sao Miguel (Santiago Island), with total funding of 2.2 billion Cape Verdean escudos (20 million euros).

The EUís support for improving water supply in the country has been implemented for several years, and Coll noted that around 80 percent of the countryís water supply infrastructure in the Cape Verdean capital was funded by the EU, as part of successive DEFs agreed each year with the local government.

Coll said that, soon, construction of a solid waste treatment plant would begin on Santiago Island, also with EU funding, which will make it possible to build a landfill site, thus solving one of the main problems of the Cape Verdean capital, which has no way of dealing with its waste. (macauhub)