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Date: 24/09/2010
Another week in Sal - Adrian Lillywhite - MD Cape Verde Property Blog

Wet Wet Wet , no not the 80s band, but the first time I have been to Sal when it has rained properly. For about 2 hours it rained. After an hour I didn’t think it could possibly rain any harder, however it came down in sheets, it was amazing. Then, as if the tap had been turned off, the sun came out and it was Hot Hot Hot. It only normally rains for about 12 hours a year in Sal.
Last year in September they had 2 days of rain when the Sal music festival was on, and it was cancelled because of the rain. This year for the festival they were prepared and there was a large covered stage on the beach, and a covered 'Dance Tent' and also another tent with several little stalls selling beer and grogue etc. In fact on the Friday evening when we went to the festival on the beach it didn't rain at all. A very pleasant evening. However the next morning at about 7 AM the heavens opened and the locals who stayed up all night were seen in a very bedraggled state leaving the festival weaving their way through the rain back to their homes, though in some cases they didn’t quite make home.

We saw a few of the more ‘grogued up’ festival goers having a short nap pretty much anywhere they could find, in fact one chap decided a large flower pot was a good place to sleep, head down, feet up!! I wish I had my camera on me at the time.

It would appear that everyone had a lovely time dancing till the early hours. Not me though, I'm getting a bit old for that sort of thing usually in bed before the midnight hour and my dancing days are well gone. During the 80’s I used a to be a drummer in a pop band and so yes I did play drums in front of thousands at wet Glastonbury and Reading festivals (and many more) so I know how amazing and what great fun music festivals can be. But the all nighters are not for me any more, so I was tucked up in bed in my Leme Bedje apartment dreaming of my past festival days......

Our main focus for this latest trip was the making a promotional film for the island of Sal, the various quality developments and Cape Verde Property as a company. I took a great little film crew called Beggars Velvet (Judy and Ben) down to Sal to shoot this video.

First off we decided to visit the excellent Vila Verde Resort with Raoul Andrade, the commercial director of Tecnicil Resorts and Hotels. He showed us around and explained how the supermarket would be opening in the central main square in November which is fabulous news. As ever, Vila Verde is a great credit to Cape Verde.

Great quality apartments and villas, lovely pools, incredible greenery and amazing walking areas with commercial centres etc. There are about 30 apartments being used at the moment, a sort of soft opening in the first 3 communities. It was impossible to miss one very young couple in the pool whilst we were there. Looked like a honeymoon couple to me. I've known a few couples this year who have been to Cape Verde for their honeymoon. This seems to be becoming more popular as the tourism and general awareness of the islands grows. There's no doubt it can be a very romantic getaway with it's chilled out atmosphere, sunshine, beautiful turquoise water and white sandy beaches etc. Then again I suppose it depends on who you are with…..

After Vila Verde we went to The Melia Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa. WOW! How this had come on. All the villas finished, pretty much all of the apartments structurally finished, along with the hotel, It looked amazing. The bottom pool area was finished and in use and looked stunning. A great infinity pool with swim up bar, which unfortunately wasn't opened yet. It was so hot I would definitely have had a Strela or 2. We went in a 4 bed villa, a 3 bed villa and also for the first time a 2 bed apartment. All excellent quality. We were all suitably impressed, and there is no doubt The Resort Group are building exactly what they said they would, both in quality and looks. The gardens were also looking lovely and planting was continuing at a pace.
We have a small selection of properties available on Tortuga. Just give us a call.

I didn't get a chance to look around Paradise Beach, however that seemed to be progressing very well and I have had good reports back from people I know working on it the project with the first phase of about 270 properties looking set for completion in December. Bev Chadwick, who worked for us for several years, is now working at Paradise Beach and appears to be enjoying life. Well done to the Cotter brothers for getting Paradise Beach back on track.
Cotton Bay at last is edging forwards. I am assured that foundations are going in now and funds are in place for the completion of the first phase. I'm waiting for news on the golf and marina. Hope to get more info soon.

Now back into Santa Maria we took the film guys to Porto Antigo 1 and Porto Antigo 2. Fabulous location for both. Cape Verde at it's best. Turquoise water, stunning beach, lovely gardens, and now for the first time new
Life Guards on the beach dressed in very bright orange and looking very cool (at least they thought they did). Porto Antigo 3 is now also finished. This is really an extension to Porto Antigo 1, with amazing sea views and uses the pool of Porto Antigo 1. We have a great selection of resale properties in all 3 Porto Antigos.

Driving down from the RIU into town you pass the Djadsal Moradias which is progressing. There seemed to be lots going on outside Block D. I didn't get a chance to visit, however Ann from our office has recently moved into the Djadsal and loves the pool and location. Bailey's Bar seemed to be busy whenever we drove by.
The SalinaSea Aparthotel is in a fabulous location and has recently been SIPP approved which is, along with the Dunas Beach Resort, a great way to use your pension to invest in property in Cape Verde. Both Dunas and SalinaSea are selling quickly via SIPPS, so if you are interested please let us know.

I also heard that the Hilton had signed construction contracts and is due to start building very soon. Great news.

We were staying by the beach in Leme Bedje. The new pool has water in it now and Blocks A,B,C,D and E are all finished. Block F and the frontline block G are well under way and I am assured that outside construction work will be finished by December.
We had several nice lunches and breakfasts in Josh Angulo’s Windsurfing Cafe on the beach in front of Leme Bedje. Josh Angulo has been pretty much the best wave riding windsurfer in the world over the past 15 years and is now in semi retirement.
A great guy, and horribly good looking. Bev my wife was very happy to be in his company and interviewed him for our promo film. He has been in Sal for 14 years now, and loves it. In November he is bringing the PWA World Cup to Sal and coming out of retirement to try to win for Cape Verde.

The usual haunts were well frequented – Papaias (new spelling) in Porto Antigo has been redeveloped and is stunning. The Morabeza Hotel is always great for lunch at the beach and relaxing in the bar for ‘happy hour’ at sunset. The Turtle Shack, as always, great for footy, beer and free broadband, Tam Tam had great chilli and amazing omelettes , brilliant bar to check out! May Oleary's is now a large Portuguese restaurant which will be good when they sort out not running out of food.
We also ate in several lovely Pizza restaurants and for the first time in a few years had a brilliant meal in the Odjo D'Agua Hotel. Great views and a very nice atmosphere. Well worth a visit.

Our office in Sal looked really smart with a new coat of paint and new banners. Ann and Alex in the office were working really hard looking after sales clients and showing the new furniture packs we have on offer ( great value stylish furniture packs at discount prices – call for details), along with rentals and property services etc.
They are doing a fantastic job and very much appreciated.

So another very busy and productive week in Sal. Hot Hot Hot and sunny for most of the time. Ok so we had a few hours of rain, a sort of novelty for Sal. Better get my brolly and coat out, I'm back in England!!!