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Date: 24/03/2011
New open skies policy signed for Cape Verde

The European Union (EU) and Cape Verde have signed today in Brussels an agreement in the field of aviation that will remove the current obstacles to air transport between the two sides.
The commitment will provide a framework for bilateral agreements that currently Cape Verde has eight of the 27 Member States and to remove current restrictions relating to the nationality of the aircraft.
The agreement was signed by Cape Verde's ambassador to the European institutions, Maria de Jesus Mascarenhas, Ambassador of Hungary, Peter Gyorkos, and deputy director-general for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission, Zoltan Kazatsay.
Any EU airline can operate flights between Cape Verde and an EU member state that already has or not a bilateral agreement with that country, provided that traffic rights are available.
The creation for over 20 years of the single market in the aviation sector has led 27 as a whole to be replaced, little by little, a series of bilateral agreements signed between individual Member States and various countries.
The European Commission argues that the lifting of restrictions means an advantage for consumers who will benefit from greater choice, lower prices and higher quality services.

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