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Date: 11/10/2011
Ex Cape Verde President wins special award for 'Democracy, stability and increased prosperity

More recognition for Stability and Democracy in Cape Verde - An African Success Story.
Organizers of a prize for African governance say the $5 million honor is going to the former president of Cape Verde.

In an announcement made in London and broadcast across Africa on Monday, the Mo Ibrahim prize committee said Pedro Verona Pires helped make his West African island nation a "model of democracy, stability and increased prosperity."

Last year and the year before, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation prize committee did not award a prize, saying no leaders met the criteria for promoting development and democracy - and for handing over power peacefully.
"The prize committee has been greatly impressed by president Pedro Pires's vision in transforming Cape Verde into a model of democracy, stability and increased prosperity," committee chairman Salim Ahmed Salim, Tanzania's former prime minister, told a press conference at London City Hall.

The Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership carries a five-million-dollar (3.7-million-euro) prize paid over 10 years and $200,000 annually for life from then on, with a further $200,000 per year available for 10 years for good causes backed by the winner.