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Date: 22/12/2011
Skyscanner predicts significant growth in Cape Verde tourism.

In its new 2012 Travel Trends Report, Skyscanner has revealed that Cape Verde, Estonia, Russia, and Iraq are all emerging destinations likely to see a significant rise in interest from UK tourists over the coming year.
The flight comparison website, which has over 15 million users a month, analysed its vast data on user flight searches to produce the report on global travel trends. Overall, Spain remains the most popular choice for British holidaymakers for a fourth consecutive year, however in the 'Destinations of The Future' section of the report, Skyscanner highlights a number of more exotic locations.
With a rise of 51% year on year, The Cape Verde Islands, which lie off the east coast of Africa, are becoming an increasingly attractive winter sun alternative to other mid haul destinations such as The Canaries and Egypt, the latter of which has seen a 12% drop in searches from the UK .