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Date: 21/04/2013

Cape Verde tourism takes another step forwards with news that Sal will start operating its first casino within 21 months, after seeing the archipelago’s government and first casinio operator Royal Casino agreeing upon a gaming and gambling concession and exploration contract which was officially signed Friday 12th April 2013.
With costs of the Sal Island casino escalating to 5 million Euros, the overall project will look to cost 66 million Euros. The contract signed will see Royal Casino hold a 25-year exclusive concession.Cape Verde's Tourism, Industry and Energy Minister Humberto Brito, stated that the Royal Casino will be under strict rules and legislation; “very restricted, controlled and supervised” to prevent illegal activity such as illegal gambling.
Santiago Island maybe another area subject to gaming and gambling licenses with the Minister announcing that the Government has already negotiated contracts with interested investors. Sao Vicente, Santiago and Sal have been decided since 2012 to be the three exclusive gambling areas in Cape Verde. New business opportunities and an increase of tourism are just some of the key factors of having gaming and gambling in Cape Verde driving demand for the archipelago area both directly and indirectly.