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Date: 11/07/2013
Cape Verde is second best African state - Think Africa Press

Cape Verde is in second place in a table drawn up by Think Africa Press based on the opinions of over 120 world masters in finances, who wanted to analyse African countries beyond their Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Cape Verde comes first in human rights, third in law and security, fourth in economic opportunities and fifth in human development, taking second place on the podium overall.

“Only this way can we see which countries are being prodigious towards their populations and which, despite their growth rates, still have a lot to do to give their inhabitants quality of life”, the report said.

The only country ahead of Cape Verde is Mauritius and immediately below come Botswana (3rd), Seychelles (4th) and South Africa (5th). At the other end of the list are Chad, Democratic republic of Congo and Somalia in last place.