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Date: 24/03/2017
Tourism up 13.6% in 2016.

The latest official figures from the National Statistics Institute (INE) revealed Cape Verde is quickly becoming a hot new destination for UK tourists.

For years, the islands off the western coast of the African have been considered one of holidaymakersí best-kept secrets.

But the archipelago enjoyed a 13.6% increase in tourists in 2016 compared to the previous year.

And the majority of tourists (20.5%) came from the UK. Itís also a popular destination with German tourist (11.1%) and the Portuguese and French make up 10.1% of visitors.

Visitors from the UK were also likely to spend the most time on the islands Ė staying an average nine nights.

With all year round sunshine and a short flight time, Cape Verde an archipelago off the North West coast of Africa is an ideal travel destination, no matter the time of year.

Here are five reasons you should visit this year:

1. Itís one of the best places to spot whales and dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean

Right up until the end of Easter, you can catch a glimpse of the elusive whales and dolphins that roam the Atlantic. What better way to celebrate National Dolphin Day on the 14th April than visiting Cape Verde - one of the best spots to watch them

2. Itís got unmissable culture

Take a stroll around Santa Maria and see Cape Verde in all of its glory. With a melting pot of cultures, itís a colorful and atmospheric place to explore, filled with plenty of fresh cuisine and wonderful shops

3. It has some of the most scenic quad biking tours around

For those that like adventure, quad bike tours are a great way to explore the wonders of the islands whilst enjoying the year round sunshine

4. Itís a great place to unwind on one of the worldís best beaches

Recently voted as one of the top 25 beaches in the world in TripAdvisorís 2017 Travelersí Choice, Praia de Santa Maria beach is the perfect place to relax. Sit back on the golden sands and enjoy the crystal clear water in a real life slice of paradise

5. Youíll have a holiday to never forget by diving in the crystal clear waters