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Date: 02/10/2017
Cape Verde expects to receive three million tourists a year by 2030

Cape Verde estimated today that it will receive 3.15 million tourists by 2030, but it has promised to remove "some obstacles" to growth, mainly linked to transport prices, infrastructure, security and diversification of offers and markets.
The target was reached after studies carried out throughout all of the islands.
Of the total number of tourists expected to enter by 2030, the strategic plan predicts that Sal and Boa Vista receive two million tourists and the other islands 1.15 million Last year, Cape Verde received 640,000 tourists, a 15% growth, and this year expects up to 800,000.
In addition to Portugal, the United Kingdom, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany, which together send the majority of tourists to the country, the government is stating that tourists from Russia and the Czech Republic have started to arrive, and it is targeting other markets such as China, Brazil, the USA and Spain.
The strategic plan recommends, amongs other things, that the increase in tourists in the archipelago benefits the population, that revenues are distributed fairly, and that there are incentives for the production and consumption of local products.