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Date: 02/01/2009

New services from Cape Verde Property Ltd for 2009.
We can now offer a new PROPERTY RENTAL SERVICE from our high street office in Santa Maria. and also a new snagging service for properties due for completion in Sal including Vila Verde.
All owners, tenants and holidaymakers, if you are looking to rent an apartment in Sal or Boa Vista, then please contact us either in the UK on 01753 859233 or in Cape Verde on 00238 242 2041 or email

Apartments available to rent on a long term or short term basis.
Please call into our office if you have a property that you wish to register on our rental property portfolio or, If you are a tenant or holidaymaker looking for a short or long term rental property PLEASE REGISTER YOUR DETAILS.


Cape Verde Property Ltd offer the following service-

Organise the viewing of your apartment with the developer
Establish whether there is an electric supply and if not organise a
temporary connection so the installation can be inspected (see note)
Inspection of plumbing (assuming there is water available)
Inspection of doors, shutters, internal walls, ceilings and floors
Inspection of fitted kitchen, to include fittings and white goods
Inspection of bathroom furniture and fittings
Inspection of air conditioning pre-installation and units if applicable
Inspection of balcony / terrace
Inspection of outside areas including swimming pools (where applicable)
The findings of the inspection will be sent to the developer and the client,
we will also keep a copy.
Pictures of the apartment / townhouse / villa and outside areas will also be
sent to the client
Once any faults have been rectified we will re-inspect and confirm.
Note : Electric is usually only supplied to apartments/villas once the deeds have been signed
and the electric meter has been applied for. If there is no electric supply and the developer cannot
organise a temporary one, we will inspect once the meter has been applied for and installed
and expect the developer to rectify any problems found.
The service is offered by contractors who have experience in snagging in Cape Verde, both in
Sal and Boa Vista. The engineers may not be qualified surveyors, plumbers or electricians, however work to the very highest European standards and have excellent relationships with Tecnicil.


200 euros / 200 studio
225 euros / 225 1 bed
250 euros / 250 2 bed
275 euros / 275 3 bed
300 euros / 300 4 bed


Payable up front in euros or sterling in UK account.

Owners have 15 days to snag an apartment after the completion date. Tecnicil then have 28 days to rectify any faults. There is then another 15 days for re inspection.