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Date: 29/06/2009
Cidade Velha placed on Global Heritage List

“Cidade Velha”, site of a former Cape Verde city, was on Friday placed on the list of UN Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) global heritage, the Cape Verdian ambassador to France, José Armante Duarte told PANA.

The former capital of Cape Verde, “Cidade Velha”, the first city set up by Europeans in sub-Saharan Africa, is regarded as the cradle of the Cape Verdian nation.

According to the Cape Verdian diplomat, the decision to put “Cidade Velha” on the global heritage list was made at the current 33rd Session of the Global Heritage Committee in Seville, Spain, from 22-30 June.

“This decision is welcomed in our archipelago with great emotion and joy. I will sincerely like to thank the Heritage Committee on behalf of the Cape Verdian people and the Praia government,” said Mr Duarte, who is leading his country’s delegation to the Seville meeting.
“Cidade Velha”, established by Portuguese on Santiago Island at the end of the 15th century, was also an experimental laboratory for vegetable species and particularly a meeting point of culture where most slaves left for the Caribbean, Brazil and other American countries.

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