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Introduction to San Vicente

San Vicente has the second largest population in Cape Verde, with most of the inhabitants living in Mindelo, the centre of Cape Verdean culture, and a lovely city with a great nightlife, and music everywhere. The port of Mindelo is being redeveloped into a superb marina and promenade area, and the British and colonial influences on the islands include a very basic golf course, which has plans to be redeveloped, and a lovely town square, where locals promenade around the trees and cafes. Mindelo has been called one of the most pleasing towns in west Africa. Carnival is the most important cultural event, and there is also a large music festival on the beach at Baia das Gatas, a lovely beach area a short drive from Mindelo. San Vicente is very dry, with some good beaches at San Pedro, which is one of the best places in the world for wind surfing. Salamansa, Baia das Gatas and Calhau are also good beach areas where major developments with signature golf courses are planned. Body boarding, cycling and horseback riding along the beach are growing in popularity as more tourism comes to the island. There are mountainous areas over- looking the beautiful bay in Mindelo, and the stunning scenery of Santo Antao is just a 1 hour ferry away. A new international airport opening in 2009 will give improved access to the planned new luxury developments and will help to turn San Vicente into an exclusive holiday island, with massive investment potential for the future.